About Mary Naden

MARY NADEN brings 25 years of voice and movement training to her teaching practice. After receiving an M.F.A. from Ohio University Professional Actor Training Program, she studied with Kristin Linklater, Gregory Cole, Michael Morgan and other highly recognized voice teachers.

A professional performer herself, Mary enjoys teaching people from varied backgrounds. She held faculty appointments teaching Voice and Speech at Duke Ellington School of the Arts and the University of Maryland Department of Theatre. She taught classes and master classes for diverse theatres, universities and organizations including Round House Theatre, Studio Theatre, Georgetown Law Center and American University School of Communications.

Focused on the body's role in communication, she has studied a wide variety of physical techniques including Dance, Physical Theatre, Clown, Tai Chi, Feldenkrais, Yoga, and the Alexander Technique. She is particularly interested in the embodiment of presence that Alexander Technique gives to communicating and thus trained for three years to become a certified teacher of the technique. (For more information, see www.performancealexandertechnique.com). She brings encouragement, sensitivity, commitment and an articulate energy to her work with speakers from all walks of life.